A film by Valerie Buhagiar

The Anniversary

What do you do with a middle-aged runaway?

Review: "the most impressively wide-ranging film of Cinequest 2015"

A great review for The Anniversary as part of a round-up of Cinequest 2015, from Klaus at Gunpoint, a film journal:

"When films can play with tone, swing from one point to another on the emotional spectrum without missing a beat, that’s when movies get really good. The Anniversary is one of the best example of tonal swing, and how it makes viewing that much more impressive... Hilarious at times, and other moments deeply touching... Overall, The Anniversary might be the most impressively wide-ranging film of Cinequest 2015!"

A direct link to the pdf of the Cinequest review round-up: http://klausatgunpoint.weebly.com/uploads/1/5/7/1/15715530/klausatgunpoi...